The Workout
The workout

BodyLab workouts are brutally effective, trench-tested, and results oriented. Each workout is designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled intensity, variety, and results for all skill levels; from deconditioned sedentary mammals to the fittest of athletes. We focus on functional strength, muscular endurance, power production, and cardiovascular capacity. The result is a stronger, fitter, sexier you.

We know that atmosphere can make or break a workout and directly impact your level of commitment. To that end, sessions are augmented by cutting edge audio and visual system, including live DJ performances, and workouts re-designed every 2 weeks. Say goodbye boredom and monotony; kicking-ass has never been this much fun!

The Food
The food

BodyLab provides nutritional monitoring, personalized coaching, and ongoing guidance. We despise the word diet and detest any approach based on deprivation; carbs, calories, fat, etc. Our lifestyle engineers craft custom nutrition programs and coach from a realistic perspective, taking into full account your likes and dislikes, schedule, and lifestyle. We teach you how to eat what you like, because helping you achieve, sustainable long-term success is our top priority.

At BodyLab, as fans of great food, good wine and fine spirits; we understand and appreciate that dining out and having a drink or two is an essential part of la dolce vita, and educate clients on how to make the best choices in any given situation. To prove our point, we regularly host Happy Hour events and Client Appreciation Parties at Denver’s best bars and restaurants.

Your Lifestyle

BodyLab understands that you have personal and professional commitments. We also get that plans sometimes change, and emergencies arise. We work side by side with you to prevent the demands on your time from getting in the way of maintaining your fitness and great nutrition. Our goal is help you to create solutions to any challenge or hurdle you may encounter; whether regularly or every once in awhile.

We achieve this through real-time scheduling that allows you to make changes as needed, expedient and reliable communication with our talented team of lifestyle engineers, and daily flexibility when it comes to your training and nutrition. Above all, The BodyLab is here to hold you accountable, ensuring that you participate in your workouts and eat well week-in and week-out; whether that means working out at the Lab and eating home cooked meals, or using one of our travel workouts at your hotel gym and receiving individualized guidance on eating out healthfully; we’ve got you covered.

Your Commitment and Participation
Your commitment

Three times per week (90 minutes of your week) we expect you to engage in high intensity training sessions at BodyLab. BodyLab workouts are diverse, engaging, fun, and will consistently push you to explore your limitations and redefine your capabilities.

Travel and work are not excuses for absenteeism. As necessary we will provide you with workouts to perform at-home or on the road.

You will also receive a customized cardiovascular program, specific to your goals and conditioning level, that you will be expected to participate in weekly. Nutrition-wise you will record what you eat, log it in an online meal planner and email it to your Lifestyle Engineer for daily review and feedback. No stone is left unturned: BodyLab represents a wholly inclusive program designed for your success. Now is the time to finally commit to yourself, and BodyLab is the place to do it.

Our Commitment to You
Our commitment

We take your commitment and success very seriously; our lifestyle engineers give you daily feedback and motivation, ongoing support, and consistently hold you accountable to your program. For example, if you schedule a workout and don’t show up or you don’t schedule one at all; we will call or text you. If you don’t submit a daily meal plan we will follow up to find out why and remind you that doing so is an essential part of your program.

We commit to making every workout unique, engaging, multi-dimensional, and more challenging than the last. Through personalized coaching, regular assessments of your body composition and fitness level, and open candid communication; we ensure that you are consistently making progress toward your goals. In short, we are passionately committed to and wholly invested in your success.

The Results

As the old adage goes, results speak for themselves. The inspiring and phenomenal achievements and successes of our clients is truly telltale of what BodyLab is and does. Nearly as impressive and noteworthy is the fact that our clients transform their bodies and lives while actually having fun and enjoying themselves along the way. BodyLab’s definition of success is getting in the best shape of your life while having the time of your life; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our collective approach to training, nutrition, and lifestyle is unrivaled, unparalleled, and unmatched anywhere else. Rapid reductions in body fat are accompanied by impressive gains in lean body mass and performance. Come to us as a corporate mammal, fitness guru, or perpetual partier and we will transform you into the office ironman, fitness champion, or life of the party. We produce these transformations 24/7.